Change has Come Lightning Fast

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The economy has downsized  from what it was in the earlier 2000’s and 1990’s. We are living in a whole new world. Some people think they can get away with going back to school, as if that will solve everything in their life. The change in the economy has come too fast for most people. Corporations do not need as many people as before due to automation and outsourcing.

What is left to do?

The majority of us must go back to the old way of living. In fact, most of us already have done that in the last few years (foreclosures, deleveraging, and downsizing). The economy’s old job(accountants, engineers, lawyers) are not coming back, therefore you should shift your resources (your brain) to pursue other pursuits.

Living with 1 or 2 credit cards – and using them rarely. We must pursue other passions in life than shopping, watching TV, or going on Facebook. We need to start engaging with people on an everyday basis. Or create a hobby or learn how to do art. Creativity is a must in this economy.

We are going to a economy based on creativity. This has been already ingrained in our mind by certain individuals. Getting an accounting bachelor’s degree or even a masters is no sure shot to finding a satisfying job in your life.

Sell your creations on Write a book. Seek closer bonds to your community. These are things I want to do, and feel that the world would be a better place if done so.

Unfortunately we still live in a society where your job dictates your healthcare, so are living in fear of losing their jobs because of that. Another idea aside from that, people are beginning to save for unexpected emergencies (healthcare emergency, layoff etc.) Let’s face it, life right now is really tough for many Americans. 40+ million on food stamps. And we only have 300 million people. I do not think things will get much worse than this.

I plan to change my lifestyle, learn a new hobby, and interact with my local community.

America has changed from 3 years ago. Many people are not seeing this shift and think the old economy will come back (living in much different times now). The old economy cannot come back because we were living in a time of excess credit. Now that excess credit is gone and we are back to normal, which has caused a lot of pain. In fact, it may have been the governments fault for creating too much credit. In most cases, the government is always blamed (which it is now).

It is time for me to pursue more creative pursuits. I believe this is a turning point in America’s history.


Life Without the Noise of News

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Life without the noise of news on any news channel feels much healthier. This is even after a few days after eliminating television from my life. I feel more connected to the people I know rather than the people on television. I have also gone towards a complete diet from all corporate media (TV, radio, some internet blogs, and mobile internet).

I can say I am seeing less and less advertisements (which is good). I am no longer desiring what I see on T.V. or anything else. Although shows are fun to watch for some people, I have no desire to be involved with it any longer. I am going against the status quo (that Americans watch too much T.V.).  Life is great without the noise of the daily killings or new fears in the world. I was a news junkie in the past. I have turned the corner on that in my life. Life is simpler, less complicated which is what I wish to accomplish everyday. I am focusing most of my time on reading, and enjoying my life.

I know it is a difficult time in the economy, however, I am not concerned with with it anymore. Graduating into this was a mess, but at least I am making changes in my life for the better. I realize I am going through a major lifestyle change.

Cutting out the TV + news seems like the best thing I have ever done, I wish I had did it sooner.


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I just finished reading Tribes by Seth Godin.

Leadership has nothing to do with how-to manuals and needs to be learned by actions. Entrepreneurship is the same way. Actions earn results, and it doesn’t matter if its a failure or not. At least you attempted it.

It’s so easy following directions, that’s probably why most people do it. Not very many people start their own businesses or do other things. They live in fear of not having a paycheck. However there is more fear because they may get laid off in a recession.

Do one thing differently today that will make you a better person. Reach out to someone or read a book. Life is more than just a consumerism pyramid.

Embracing Minimalism

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Recently I have been reading blogs such as RowdyKittens and Zenhabits. These blogs, along with a few others, have given me more inspiration in my daily living habits than the last 23 years. I used to believe life revolved around one thing: money, the game is to get more of it, and then consume it. I have come to the conclusion that life is much more than spending or consuming things.

Most people believe that they will get rich someday, I guess that is what makes them continue with whatever they are doing. It is especially why kids go to college these days and major in accounting. I feel that college can only go so far. To learn anything, you have to do it yourself.

My life is no longer about earning the biggest paycheck. Why? Because that revolves around a significant portion of luck. However, I have started real change in my life. I eliminated television, downsized Facebook, even checked out books at the library. I am even considering plunging into more blogging, because it is so therapeutic. And you know what, since I have done those things, I feel much better about myself. I let things go. You know you need to do some of that as well.

The money game is often focused on the status of material things and people. What happens when you give up judging, comparisons, and status? You change your life, as your paradigm has shifted for the better. You recover from toxic things in your life and contribute to bettering yourself.

Comparisons are Destructive

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Comparing yourself to someone else causes major problems. We think that we should be at par with everyone else and there is a problem if we are not. You actually, had different experiences and a different life than that other person. This is in fact seen on Facebook where you can look at other people’s photos, see what job they have, and where these people are. Simultaneously you are thinking (are they ahead or behind me) in economics.

The question is…can we get over the comparison hysteria and get on with our own lives. When you see someone who is your age and doing “better” than you, ie higher income, how do you feel? Horrible. Because you think the other person is perfect and you are not.

What we do not know if the person is happy with their life and if they have time to pursue their own passions. The indicator of salary is a poor indicator of happiness, which I feel is most important in life.

Action Step: Stop reading about people you do not know. Try to help the people you already know.

Clear away some of the clutter in your life. Downsize your Facebook.

Rat Race

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Here’s what I’m thinking today:

I feel that there is no such as thing as being “successful” in life. Although one can become a so called young professional (meaning a corporation hired you). This does not guarantee that you will feel “successful”. Therefore they may buy all the things that they think their status entails. Supposedly the American Dream. And does it make them even happier? Maybe at the moment of purchase, but it becomes old very quickly.

The American Dream is a false hope for many. Certainly, not everyone can achieve this. However this is the dream that gets kids motivated to go to college, and believe they will get their “dream job”. A very small number of people probably feel they have earned the American Dream. There is always some kind of problem usually with money. This is due to the peer effect and great marketing. (And btw if you get a marketing degree, there very small chance you will earn a job that you like).

Then there are others who judge others based on their sort of job status. These people explain that you should major in something useful, like engineering or accounting. Then there are massive layoffs of both engineers and accountants. Those who say such a thing is very 2005-like. This is 2010, where no one is safe, not even high school teachers. There is no silver bullet to getting a dream job. If I had known this, I might have delayed majoring in something(although with no chance of earning a job with that major).

We cannot dwell on the past too much, we must move forward. My generation does not look like it will live better than the last generation. We will live in smaller homes, drive smaller cars(if we even have a car), and use much less resources. More people hit with poverty. As these things are too expensive to live with. There are simply too many people. This will be good for the environment, as there will less trash created, and energy wasted per person. One’s lifestyle must change in order to survive a layoff, downsizing, restructuring, etc. We have seen this over and over again. Sometimes it is unforeseen. Life is hard, some say: just deal with the pain of it.

Or we could dramatically reduce our living standards right now so you do not have to compete in the “rat race”. Choose to live without a car (many in cities already do), choose to live in a small house or apartment (thus dramatically reducing the consumption you must do), and live frugally in your own way. It is very hard to do all of these when you already have lived very well (compare to worlds standards).

Do you need all of your “stuff” or are you bogged down by it?

Try to get rid of a few things and see how it feels. In a way some of the things you have accumulated are empty promises, promises to yourself that you would do something with it but never did. I felt this experience as I came across things I was throwing away and donating to Goodwill.

Waning Down on the all Important T.V.

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That’s right. There’s absolutely no reason for it in my life right now. One day this month I was watching T.V. for 6 hours straight. After I stopped my head started hurting for some reason and felt like I was in a dreamland. How did I get up to that point? Well I was constantly watching  a few hours of T.V. everyday. It’s in my belief now, that I do not want to touch the T.V. which is wasting precious hours doing nothing. I will rather try other things like reading books.

In the past when I read books constantly, I always felt smarter for some reason. When I read books 2-3 hours a day instead of T.V. everyday I would feel more engaged with life. The T.V. isolates you between your family members and friends. You are making a connection with a machine, rather than a human. Similar thing with the computer. Humans need face-to-face contact to grow and feel better about themselves. With a book you feel smarter and you get smarter by comprehending material. It has probably been the Tipping Point for me with the T.V. right now.

I will enjoy summer reading.

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