The Big Big Universe

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In researching subjects of the next few years, I came across the field of space travel. We will eventually come across this technology in the next 100 years.

The human race still remains a primitive species, unable to harness renewable resources. Humans are a far off from completing such activities in the next 20 years.

Luckily in the near future we will gain the tools of artificial intelligence that will be able to solve such complex problems. The first hurdle that humans have to overcome is artificial intelligence which we are becoming closer and closer. Once we gain artificial intelligence, then anything in the world will be possible.

Imagine if Einstein had the power of the PC?


Facebook Hauntings

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Facebook has announced last week that people who have past away can keep their profiles at the family’s request. This makes us one step closer to a future of finding our family members of the past. If this continues, it could be possible for future kids to find people that are important so we will never forget them. Facebook is becoming an internet graveyard – easily accessing those loved ones we have missed.

I believe this is a great idea because people will be able to find their lost family members and memorialize their profiles. It also could be a bad idea because it prevents people from moving on. Also widows and widowers could be very sad and prevent them from moving on. Thus, the option is a smart idea so families will have the choice to decide.

In the next few years – people will have their whole families on the web. This is only the start to what is to come.

The Droids are Coming – CNET News

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The droids are coming! The Android OS by Google and the Droid phone by Motorola. On the internet there is plenty of discussion about if the Droid can connect with consumers. It will be very interesting when the Droid comes out next week on November 6th for Verizon Wireless and the coverage that it will receive. Verizon Wireless does not have the phones that the other carriers do even though they are the #1 carrier in the United States. Verizon Wireless realizes that it has been losing market share over the iPhone. They decided to go with Android – which was a fantastic move.  This is the beginning of the gadget explosion of 2010 as I have explained in my earlier post. We are now at the beginning of the golden age with respect to the world of gadgets. These products are going to be so cheap that anyone will be able to buy. The Droid is only going to be $199. The Droid will be a hit with consumers because of androids various functions. However, this is not the iPhone which has 100,000 applications. Android is way below this number and will need to mature for consumers to get hooked.

Read on CNet: Verizon, Motorola unveil the Droid | Signal Strength

In the future, there will be even more companies showing their new gadgets. We have already seen the rise of foreign companies such as Acer, Asus, and HTC. The consumer electronic industry is a very competitive market where the pie is not big enough for everyone. Companies or start ups have to innovate in different ways for customers. The world will see more innovations happen in the next 10 years than ever before. The internet makes the world go much, much faster as more collaboration can happen over a short period of time. The cell phone that you buy today is obsolete the very next day.

Information will be doubling every two years as the internet will be THE place to go for help and complex problem solving. It will also be the place to find contacts and starting new ventures. Has it been doing this already? Absolutely, there are so many companies based on the internet.

Tweets During Championships

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Every time there is a major sports event going on there are millions of viewers. In the past these viewers are sitting with there friends enjoying it in front of the television. With Twitter, we can enjoy the game with our online friends and strangers. Trending topics of major sports games are commonplace now. Twitter allows fans to participate in a discussion of the game rather than just hearing the sportscaster on the tube. Twitter makes sports more entertaining.

In 5 – 10 years, we will see some new technology come out of Twitter or another social networking site to focus solely on fans “Tweets” and make this experience even more enjoyable. If there is a third party API developer that focuses on this, there is no doubt that they could gain market share. We could eventually have virtual buddies (that met through the internet) where users can share information. We are seeing more and more of this and we will continue to see it in the near future.

China Will be the Net King

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China will be the net king in five years according to Google’s CEO. Schmidt says that there will more Chinese websites than English. I have a hard time seeing this in five years. However, I believe Google did the math and figured this out using formulas. There’s just more people speaking Chinese than English on the web. The Chinese love the internet for entertainment which is different than the United States. Already, in campus computer labs I am seeing more students read Chinese websites – because they are foreign exchange students and have little use for English web sites.

I disagree with the Google CEO because there are multitudes of English websites today that are growing exponentially. I do see China growing very rapidly. China has the most internet users than any other country. China continues to grow even in this recession.

However, this marks an interesting time in history. If there are web or computer applications that have translation services, then someone from America will be able to communicate with someone from China. I see this as a possibility that more communication between countries will be possible. When communication increases, then businesses can harness it and will spark a whole new set of business relationships without the language barrier. If that happens, the language barrier will be broken.

Productivity and Organization – The Future

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There has been an increase in web applications to do just about anything. One of my favorites is Remember The Milk. The application is primarily based on the web, the iPhone, or the android OS. It is able to increase productivity and decrease forgetfulness which has been a lifesaver! All you have to do is type the task into an RTM widget (anywhere) and you can forget it until you get an email of the reminder. It is a great way to stay on track. Someone even created App for the milk where a user can even update their tasks from their desktop. The user no longer has to go to its website which is very convenient.

We are now hearing about iPhone Moms that are now more productive because of these applications. Personally, I am seeing the iPhone a lot on campus and in urban environments. Perhaps they are using the device as a calendar, a task reminder, a phone, contact list, their whole life etc…IPhone Moms signify that phones like these have hit with the mass market. Google introduced tasks which is similar to RTM in their Gmail and GCalendar. We will see more improvement to this technology.

This means that in a few years we will have no excuse for forgetting anything. If someone has a problem remembering, they can use applications like this on their device or their computer to stay on track very quickly.  The person will be viewed as more credible and thoughtful by others.

In the future, everyone will be more productive if they have applications like these in their life.  Meetings will be no longer missed, and it will be very easy to stay on track. This is good for the economy as a whole and says something about human evolution. The human race will become more productive and we may see society get smarter. The human memory is fickle, but computers can remember very easily. Furthermore, applications like these this will make amateur inventors and designers more useful, which can lead to improvements in technologies.

It will be possible in the not to distant future to have an online refrigerator with the Remember The Milk application so you will never actually forget the real milk!

Future Generations

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Right now I am posting to my blog. In the future, my children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren etc, will be able to read what I am writing in 20 – 30 years from now. Imagine my descendants reading my blog in the future in 150 years in the future. They will probably laugh at how primitive we were in the year 2009. The problems of losing memories of deceased family members are always a problem in today’s world. Elderly family members often do not have any kind of internet presence. After a family member dies, it is very hard for the remaining descendants to know who that person was. The internet has changed that game. We now can be immortal – because of the Internet. In the future, kids will do a search on who their great-grandfather was on Wikipedia, if he had a blog, and what they put on their social networking websites. Descendants will learn of their whole family and where they came from, just from the internet. I am not just talking about a family tree here – kids will go in and see what their great-grandparent liked to do as a hobby. The internet will be a better medium than an actual physical diary, because descendants will be able to access it anytime, anywhere.

If a young person dies today, then many people post on their Facebook pages as an internet graveyard website. We can understand a person just by looking at their Facebook page. If they have a blog, you will even be able to read what they thought about on particular dates. Descendants will understand where they came from. History is being churned out through people and users, rather than multinational corporations. So-called web 2.0 will have an impact on our future generations until history ends.

Going online is no longer just social networking, these are now online presences of ourselves that will be around until the human race dies out.

P.S. To my future descendants: Do what you love and keep doing it.

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