These are possibly the most used social networking websites. MySpace is slowly fading out of popularity. I am now seeing older adults join Facebook which I have never seen before. Twitter is slowly gaining popularity.

In the future, something will overtake these websites just like they are overtaking MySpace.

How about a virtual version of Facebook  or Twitter where you can walk around and chat with your friends? I see something like this overtaking these websites.

The reason is because, there are so many programmers out there trying to prove themselves with new and exciting applications. The iPhone has over 75,000 applications, how is this even possible?

Will people accept a virtual version of Facebook? At first, there will be a lot of resistance. They have to do it the right way so the most users like their product. Every social networking site could be overtaken by other more sophisticated social networking sites.

Every time Facebook comes up with a new design on their website, some users are resistant to the change. Users need to start thinking with an open mind. Think – is this a better way to view the website or is do we go backwards?

A virtual Facebook could work alongside a website Facebook. Users could even have the option. We will no longer need physical interaction with people but that will have a host of problems.

In 5+ years the internet will be very different than today. This may be the most exciting time period to live in – in the golden age of the internet.