I have a feeling that some people will not understand the new world of gadgets in 2010. Yes, the new world of devices. The world is now seeing new products every single day. We are seeing more cell phones and e-books that provokes users. Some are even unannounced like the Barnes and Nobles Nook We may even see more tablets coming out from the major manufacturers. On the internet, there are many rumors on the tech blogs insisting that a mac-tablet is coming from Apple.

The question I have to ask is: will users see value in these products? There are going to be so many devices and they will be connected to the internet that it may not matter what the average user wants. This is only 2010. What about 4 years from now? We will soon see that every new phone sold is a smart-phone.

In 2010 there will be many more android devices. These devices will be very important as new developers will add their applications to make their mark on history. Although the United States is in a recession, this is a remarkable time in the history of the world. More people are connected through the internet than ever before.

In the near future users will always be on the internet. Whether its with tablets, cell phones, GPS devices, or new innovative products, everything will be connected. Tablets will be very useful in a business setting due to its weight portability and ease of access. We will soon see the evolution of new devices in a very short time. I do not believe that consumers are ready for this explosion. They are still trying to catch up with their first iPhone and they are amazed at the features. Nevertheless, companies will continue to innovate and we will be in the golden age of information and entertainment.