Right now I am posting to my blog. In the future, my children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren etc, will be able to read what I am writing in 20 – 30 years from now. Imagine my descendants reading my blog in the future in 150 years in the future. They will probably laugh at how primitive we were in the year 2009. The problems of losing memories of deceased family members are always a problem in today’s world. Elderly family members often do not have any kind of internet presence. After a family member dies, it is very hard for the remaining descendants to know who that person was. The internet has changed that game. We now can be immortal – because of the Internet. In the future, kids will do a search on who their great-grandfather was on Wikipedia, if he had a blog, and what they put on their social networking websites. Descendants will learn of their whole family and where they came from, just from the internet. I am not just talking about a family tree here – kids will go in and see what their great-grandparent liked to do as a hobby. The internet will be a better medium than an actual physical diary, because descendants will be able to access it anytime, anywhere.

If a young person dies today, then many people post on their Facebook pages as an internet graveyard website. We can understand a person just by looking at their Facebook page. If they have a blog, you will even be able to read what they thought about on particular dates. Descendants will understand where they came from. History is being churned out through people and users, rather than multinational corporations. So-called web 2.0 will have an impact on our future generations until history ends.

Going online is no longer just social networking, these are now online presences of ourselves that will be around until the human race dies out.

P.S. To my future descendants: Do what you love and keep doing it.