I have finished watching four episodes of Popular Science Future of … throughout the day today and it makes me wonder. The show has moved me because of its in-depth look at what scientists are doing today to innovate for the future. The organizations sought out are not large multinational corporations, but are smaller companies that need to get a lucky break from their products. The products featured are very high-tech. It also makes me realize that anything is possible and we should not quit while innovating. I also believe that anyone in the world (regardless of circumstances) has the possibility of creating something and putting their mind to work in their life. Even if they fail in their endeavors, they will learn the next time. They will learn how to do things and change things for the better.

With all the distractions of technology, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and video games it is harder and harder focus on one thing. If we look at history before the industrial revolution in America, we see that most of the businesses were small and there were many innovators along the way. How did these people see a vision when others kept the status quo? Perhaps it was the lack of technology that they saw. Perhaps it was trial and error at inventing. Many people today are put off because of the technical knowledge involved and the competition of the multinationals in innovation. This is a mistake to follow – one can study hard if they put their mind to it and learn new technical knowledge.

I wonder what is possible if one shut down all their devices for one week and just focused on creating ideas. Imagine what can be done!

Failure is a very good way to learn what can be done better for the next time they try. It is a wake up call on what they did wrong. Failure changes someones actions for the next time. Failure is practice. Failure is motivation.

This is not what we learn in schools today. We are actually taught the opposite; that failure is the worst thing in the world. I think this is causing a lot of problems in America and around the world. It is becoming more common for people to invent things through multinational corporations, which is a folly.

Ready for action?

Think of ways to improve your life or someone else. Then go forth and find out what technical knowledge is needed. Make goals to learn the technical knowledge. We do not have to go to school to learn everything. Then, make goals on your invention. Do not worry about failure. Failure is normal in these endeavors.

Anything is possible.