There has been an increase in web applications to do just about anything. One of my favorites is Remember The Milk. The application is primarily based on the web, the iPhone, or the android OS. It is able to increase productivity and decrease forgetfulness which has been a lifesaver! All you have to do is type the task into an RTM widget (anywhere) and you can forget it until you get an email of the reminder. It is a great way to stay on track. Someone even created App for the milk where a user can even update their tasks from their desktop. The user no longer has to go to its website which is very convenient.

We are now hearing about iPhone Moms that are now more productive because of these applications. Personally, I am seeing the iPhone a lot on campus and in urban environments. Perhaps they are using the device as a calendar, a task reminder, a phone, contact list, their whole life etc…IPhone Moms signify that phones like these have hit with the mass market. Google introduced tasks which is similar to RTM in their Gmail and GCalendar. We will see more improvement to this technology.

This means that in a few years we will have no excuse for forgetting anything. If someone has a problem remembering, they can use applications like this on their device or their computer to stay on track very quickly.  The person will be viewed as more credible and thoughtful by others.

In the future, everyone will be more productive if they have applications like these in their life.  Meetings will be no longer missed, and it will be very easy to stay on track. This is good for the economy as a whole and says something about human evolution. The human race will become more productive and we may see society get smarter. The human memory is fickle, but computers can remember very easily. Furthermore, applications like these this will make amateur inventors and designers more useful, which can lead to improvements in technologies.

It will be possible in the not to distant future to have an online refrigerator with the Remember The Milk application so you will never actually forget the real milk!