China will be the net king in five years according to Google’s CEO. Schmidt says that there will more Chinese websites than English. I have a hard time seeing this in five years. However, I believe Google did the math and figured this out using formulas. There’s just more people speaking Chinese than English on the web. The Chinese love the internet for entertainment which is different than the United States. Already, in campus computer labs I am seeing more students read Chinese websites – because they are foreign exchange students and have little use for English web sites.

I disagree with the Google CEO because there are multitudes of English websites today that are growing exponentially. I do see China growing very rapidly. China has the most internet users than any other country. China continues to grow even in this recession.

However, this marks an interesting time in history. If there are web or computer applications that have translation services, then someone from America will be able to communicate with someone from China. I see this as a possibility that more communication between countries will be possible. When communication increases, then businesses can harness it and will spark a whole new set of business relationships without the language barrier. If that happens, the language barrier will be broken.