The droids are coming! The Android OS by Google and the Droid phone by Motorola. On the internet there is plenty of discussion about if the Droid can connect with consumers. It will be very interesting when the Droid comes out next week on November 6th for Verizon Wireless and the coverage that it will receive. Verizon Wireless does not have the phones that the other carriers do even though they are the #1 carrier in the United States. Verizon Wireless realizes that it has been losing market share over the iPhone. They decided to go with Android – which was a fantastic move.  This is the beginning of the gadget explosion of 2010 as I have explained in my earlier post. We are now at the beginning of the golden age with respect to the world of gadgets. These products are going to be so cheap that anyone will be able to buy. The Droid is only going to be $199. The Droid will be a hit with consumers because of androids various functions. However, this is not the iPhone which has 100,000 applications. Android is way below this number and will need to mature for consumers to get hooked.

Read on CNet: Verizon, Motorola unveil the Droid | Signal Strength

In the future, there will be even more companies showing their new gadgets. We have already seen the rise of foreign companies such as Acer, Asus, and HTC. The consumer electronic industry is a very competitive market where the pie is not big enough for everyone. Companies or start ups have to innovate in different ways for customers. The world will see more innovations happen in the next 10 years than ever before. The internet makes the world go much, much faster as more collaboration can happen over a short period of time. The cell phone that you buy today is obsolete the very next day.

Information will be doubling every two years as the internet will be THE place to go for help and complex problem solving. It will also be the place to find contacts and starting new ventures. Has it been doing this already? Absolutely, there are so many companies based on the internet.