It is possible that our school system including secondary education and post-secondary education are crushing innovation for students today. I  see this everyday as more students are pushed towards majors that promise high returns on their investment. The push came from websites, teachers, friends, parents, and other sources saying that there will be ample jobs in this industry or that. After a few years of the “push”, waves of graduates finish school  and then the job market is in oversupply. Thus, most graduates would not get a professional job in their respectable career path. Some kids were steered into the business school because of fears of outsourcing in engineering or science.

Some brave ones went into engineering and eventually went into the business school as a backup. Some students went to school with the promise of a job based on their “push” source saying that there were ample jobs in the industry while very few are getting them.

I came across this viral video of speech at TED and found it amazing. I will share it with you below.

Students today should not be forced into a major because of their parents or blogs on the internet promising jobs. The field may promise a job now, but will it when the student graduates? Change is happening so rapidly in the marketplace that what students learn today will be lost in today’s economy. Business school does not teach students how to create a business from scratch. Business school teaches students how to become follow-the-book employees thus harming innovation.

In the near future there will be a different way for young people to learn – be it through school or another source, things need to change according to the marketplace rather than stay stuck with the ideas of the industrial society.