Mashable broke the news that there are now 400,000 – 500,000 new users registering for Facebook everyday. This number is absolutely astounding. Facebook could possibly grow even further with its expansion to most countries in the world. Facebook is no longer just for college students – as it was in 2005 when I joined.

We are now seeing businesses make “pages” which keeps adding to the network. Facebook is taking over the web – messages are being sent through Facebook rather than through email or instant messaging.

Personally it is very convenient to see someones profile and understand what is new in their lives. Also, without Facebook I would be lost, I would have no idea what some mere acquaintances are doing with their lives.

Without Facebook,  if you lost contact with someone you may have a hard time reconnecting. Facebook does reconnecting and makes users closer to each other. And if you are in the networking mood, Facebook makes it even easier. Facebook adds value for all the users – it is like the internet

Link: WOW: Facebook Adding Half a Million New Users Every Day.

One word of caution though: Facebook cannot do the social networking for the user. The user has the option of connecting or not connecting. Plus, it is up to the users if they would like to expand their relationships back into real life or not.

In the future most people will be on Facebook or a new social networking site. This change from young people to the mainstream has been going since the last year. Facebook  makes the world much more rich in the way we connect.