The year is almost to a close, and Popular Science has informed readers what they think are the best innovations of 2009. After looking at some of the items I am quite disappointed at such items as Windows 7 and Macbook’s. Maybe because I like to read about future innovations. However I have found one good innovation that I really like: Wolfram Alpha. Further delving into the search engine, type in a known noun and see what comes up. An informative display of graphs, analysis, and statistics come up with the results. Very useful for school projects and research. I did a search for Facebook and Twitter. The results show that Facebook has 400 million daily visitors while Twitter has 60+ million daily visitors. Facebook clearly dominates the social media realm right now.

In the future, if a better social media service comes around and Facebook does not do anything to innovate, then Facebook could fail. Then there is a question of if Facebook is too big to control. With millions of people registered, there will be both criticizers and sympathizers of these new innovations. This is the problem of large organizations. Facebook is so huge right now and its only 4-5 years old. Also in the future, organizations that become huge will be very lost when it comes to innovation. There will always be a start-up to do things cheaper, faster, and better. I think this is a bright future because we will no longer have stagnet organizations, organizations will constantly change for the better. News events are even happening at lightning speed. Sometimes they are too fast for even Wall Street to keep up. Smaller organizations benefit from this possibility of new innovation. This is the opportunity for students, the unemployed, and ambitious individuals to think of new ideas, work together and come up with a new organization that will become successful.

Primarily, individuals should not be focused in one industry or one company and need to be adaptable in this environment. Or they will lose out on new and exciting opportunities that they really love. Individuals and countries need to be flexible in retraining and retooling for the future. Innovations are occurring faster and faster and it is very hard to keep up. Although Popular Science’s innovations of 2009 were not that good, the next few years will be very exciting in the world of innovation.

In the next post, I will be sharing my thoughts on the Industrial age coming to a close and what you need to be doing today!