The most influential futurists are converging to create a university for students of the future. These professionals and academics are presenting free videos on what they think will happen in the next 20 years. After watching a few, some of them are very technical and some of them make dire predictions. I enjoy them because it inspires me to do something more with my life.

After watching Bob Metcalfe for an hour and fourteen minutes, I have realized that any invention is possible. Inventions today are unknown and many people are put off because of the way education has the “in the box thinking”. You apparently need a university education shelling out thousands of dollars yourselves to invent something.  I don’t believe that is so. Also, many monopolies and large corporations have gained their status from the status quo. Anything that disrupts it, then they will be cut out of their existence (newspapers).

Everyday people are put off by inventing items or products. People do not have the patience or idea how to get started. Think of all the new high tech items in the world we have. We are operating 100x faster than people did in the beginning of the 20th century. We have the car that brings us to places much faster than its predecessors. We have the internet where we can surf and go on social networking sites to easily connect our friends. We have the television and the radio where we can watch when we are not on the internet. We have mobile phones and mp3 players where we can shut the world off around us. All this technology is inhibiting us from the thinking and the trial and error that inventing brings. It just feels too long to do it on your own. If there was a way to find partners around the world to work on specific scientific or technology project that you are interested in without any experience or university credentials….then, that would be a great crowdsourcing business.

Below was a very fun video to watch about energy of the future and I encourage everyone to watch it. It provokes you to think about a new way for energy. And a bonus: it is much better for you than the usual reality TV show.