Thoughts on Future…And Get on With Your Life!

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Lately I have been thinking about how future technology will affect my career. After searching about the future, I have found somethings very disheartening for the 20-something. There is going to be more competition in every profession, due to artificial intelligence, population growth, and globalization.  Left-brain skills may not even be required due to innovations in computers and technology.

There is one thing all this scary stuff you read about the future or doomsday prophecies or whatever can hurt your daily life. There’s no sense in spending to oblivion or getting into debt because you have heard that computers will be smarter than humans in 2050 or Nostradamus predicted the end of America in 2020.  Anything is possible, however, you should believe it only when you see it. Stop focusing on the far future doomsday scenarios (because humans have a hard time predicting things). This is the same as getting excited for a blizzard a week in advance and then it turns it was just rain.

Focus on your goals today. Don’t think for a moment that it won’t matter because artificial intelligence will be taking over your job. Do not take it into account in presently because it may never happen, just as snowstorms never happen. Stop focusing on the future negatively and positively. Live your life without thinking about the possibilities of the future.

Get on with your life. Get rid of your thoughts about the future. It is too much information. It is exciting when you hear of a new invention when you were not expecting it. There are far more predictions that actually do not happen.

Free your life!


Doing the S Word to Social Media

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The S word is STOP!

What are were you doing 5 minutes ago?  I hope you were not on Facebook/Twitter. These two sites are very dangerous to your imagination and creativity!

Addiction is very possible with Twitter/Facebook because of the constant flow of information. Addictions are possible with hobbies and other things that the typical person does. You have to ask yourself, do you see yourself doing this (Tweeting) for the rest of your life. Consider how long you spend on Twitter – even thinking about it. It’s addicting because of three reasons.

1. You get a constant stream of real-time information

2. Interaction with strangers is exuberating.

3. The information keeps you continuing tweeting.

While tweeting is exciting, I do not think that staying on the website for hours or checking it 20 times a day is healthy. It is just not natural for humans to be fed constant stream of information. Most of the tweets are junk anyway and you do not need. Only some of these tweets are useful to the user. Need is the particular word. Do you need to be on Twitter for 3 hours each day? That adds up over the course of a lifetime.

Twitter or Facebook is the website form of  Television. Twitter is the same as  24/7 news channels because it shows supposedly streaming relevant information as it applies to your life. All of this sucks you in with outlandish information and keeps you from your true goals in life, whatever they may be.

We do not have time to waste (in life). We are supposedly only alive for a short period of time. People should not be using up their time on some crazy website that makes TV obsolete.

Focus on your goals. There is no time to waste. Work harder in achieving them.

Although you may have found me through Twitter/Facebook, it doesn’t mean that I am blasting it! I am trying to get you to understand that you may spend too much time on this when you have very little time for anything else!

What to do if your addicted and you want off?

Go cold turkey and suck it up. Believe that Twitter/Facebook is not going to help you in whatever your goals are. Go directly to the blogs, if you desire. It will be the hardest within 48 hours and 1st week, as you change your schedule around. Just say NO to yourself.

This is the way to enlightenment and succeed in more desirable pursuits.

Happy 2010!

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Happy 2010 everyone! Let this year be full of surprises, wishes, hopes, and luck. I myself am going to do a few a changes. I still cannot believe its 2010, and the next decade. In the last decade, we all went through so much. With the dot-com bubble and the real estate crash, many things have been unforeseen. In this decade, I believe we will see an increase in technologies, extremely fast developments that most people are not ready. Especially if you are an engineer or scientist, but in any profession it is going to be harder and harder to keep up due to the sheer amount of people and technologies coming. In this decade we will see more technology than ever invading every form of job. We will see technology everywhere. There is so much demand for this. How many of you just sit there on facebook or twitter for hours a day contacting your friends? Facebook and Twitter do not have to be inside of a computer, it can come to life in a different and powerful way.

With the increase of technology in the 20th century, we will see a transformation in most inanimate objects. This is going to be a very exciting time to live. Information will double every year, which I am hearing about. This is due to the amount of people on the earth, and the increase of technologies such as the personal computer, the internet, and other high tech’s. Information is the knowledge economy’s most precious resource. It will continue to increase and humans need to continue to leverage technology to keep up. Books will disappear into e-books and information does not have to wait 3-4 days for the book to get to your house, as its purchased from the internet and sent directly to you. Therefore, we will see destruction and creation of whole industries and companies. This is fairly easy to predict as many others predicted this already. Very difficult for the average human to keep up with this overwhelming information. Someone will develop automatic data miners to pick up new information as it occurs in the world. These data miners should not just "pick up" information, they need to synthesize it and create well-written summaries of information with preferences for the user.

Many new things are coming into existence, thanks to the internet. It will be a very difficult time for anyone to be living as stress will be higher than ever until we can get autonomous software to do what we are doing on a daily basis.