Lately I have been thinking about how future technology will affect my career. After searching about the future, I have found somethings very disheartening for the 20-something. There is going to be more competition in every profession, due to artificial intelligence, population growth, and globalization.  Left-brain skills may not even be required due to innovations in computers and technology.

There is one thing all this scary stuff you read about the future or doomsday prophecies or whatever can hurt your daily life. There’s no sense in spending to oblivion or getting into debt because you have heard that computers will be smarter than humans in 2050 or Nostradamus predicted the end of America in 2020.  Anything is possible, however, you should believe it only when you see it. Stop focusing on the far future doomsday scenarios (because humans have a hard time predicting things). This is the same as getting excited for a blizzard a week in advance and then it turns it was just rain.

Focus on your goals today. Don’t think for a moment that it won’t matter because artificial intelligence will be taking over your job. Do not take it into account in presently because it may never happen, just as snowstorms never happen. Stop focusing on the future negatively and positively. Live your life without thinking about the possibilities of the future.

Get on with your life. Get rid of your thoughts about the future. It is too much information. It is exciting when you hear of a new invention when you were not expecting it. There are far more predictions that actually do not happen.

Free your life!