As time goes on and I get older, I am realizing many old paradigms shattered. What was previously held to high regard, a college or master’s degree is now viewed as common. Previous to the recession, people believed that there was a class structure held in place. There were blue collar and white collar professions. This has all changed in the last two years. Everything that you previously thought of has changed. I feel that I have lost what was previously an amazing rush, when I earned or was given money.

If you think of it, money is not in the natural order of the earth. Unfortunately, there are privileged and unprivileged classes currently. If you are born into the wrong part of the world, then you are screwed for life ( in earning money). But what is money? Does it bring happiness? Money is something that was invented by man to exchange goods. Man is flawed, therefore money, (the idea of it) has to be flawed.

Money, or the American form of it, is used everyday to exchange goods and services. In its current form, it is ridiculous. Some people desire all the money in world, while others just want to have a stable living. In the new economy, there are now those few privileged who control most of the money in the world and the majority who have very little. A dangerous and perilous future lays ahead if this does not change.

I will write more on the ideas of money in the coming weeks. I have thought many a night about this and am itching to write about it.