The company Apple epitomizes America. Every time they release a new product there is a huge media storm about it. In turn, this causes more people to buy the products, even though some of these people would be better off without spending 500+ on something that will go obsolete in the next five years. Apple sold 450,000 iPads in the last few weeks. This is absolutely outrageous. Who are these people buying such devices? And have these people fully funded their retirement plans? This is in essence a major marketing deal. A lot of people made money on this. To me, the iPad is just a computer with less computing power, but in a different form. What makes it marvelous to these people, I don’t know. Does America need to spend to survive? (the answer is yes)

Consumer Spending makes up 70% of the US economy. Consumers have to spend until were in debt. We consume, consume, and consume, using up a lot of resources, hurting our planet. That’s why every time Apple comes out with a new product – many people buy it. They just have the desire to escape their jobs and work and turn it into retail spending. That’s how the economy keeps growing.

This hyper-consumption continues with the recovery, the economy is growing again and more people will be living paycheck to paycheck once again. As a nation we need to save more, to survive another day.