Everywhere I turn I see low prices. Sometimes I do not understand the retail sectors do it. Sometimes it is 60% off MSRP. I remember when everything was more costly, only a short four years ago in 2006. It’s interesting to see that economists would like more Americans to spend, rather than save, to boost the economy. These economists are advocating carelessness of consumers once again. They seem to be clueless about how the real world works. Just recently in the last two years there was dramatic cuts in jobs and low hiring by the whole economy. Are these economists smoking something? Who in their right mind would not want to save as much as they can before the next axe falls in their company? Things are not back to the way they were, this is the “new normal” where it is difficult to find a good job, and save for retirement or emergencies.

When someone says the economy will come back, that means 70% of us consumers will be back to the stores ASAP. Not that there is a lot of secondhand inventory already from the past 20 years of binge spending. It is time for someone to hold economists accountable, like in the real world. The problem could be that they are spending all their time in a cubicle rather than getting answers from real Americans and corporations.