Living day to day is an art. There’s no class to take for living life, no cookie cutter design. One must take things into their own hands. Your sole responsibility is taking caring of yourself and loved ones. How you do it, is another story. Some become CEO’s with 4000 Sq ft houses. Others aspire to it and believe one day they, or their offspring will achieve such enormous wealth. Such a life would be simply depressing to me. Driving to work everyday 60+ hours a week doing everything you possibly can to stay there, and then driving back to a massive house (because you say you earned it). Life is not, and never has been about accumulating the biggest house in the world. It’s a daily struggle for billions of people. Millions of people in America do not know or what goes on outside the U.S. border.

In the third world, they live life in their own way. Doing what they wish because more often than not, they are in poverty. They will remain happy after their needs will be met (food, water, clothing, and shelter). There are no excesses here. They take what they need, not what they want. Life is an art of survival.

I question those who can work 80+ a week and not go crazy. That makes time go way too fast.  Take it a little easy, enjoy yourself for at least a little bit.

The clothes you wear, the things you do, everything is different from the next. The cookie cutter plans of creating the same life as someone else will be a failure for you. Embrace yourself and what you want to do. Stop thinking of others and believe in something.  Life is an art. Everything you do, wear, see, talk, there are no set ways to do one thing. There are no set ways to have a conversation.

Change your routine, because your human and you can. Live with less stress. Exercise and enjoy yourself.