That’s right. There’s absolutely no reason for it in my life right now. One day this month I was watching T.V. for 6 hours straight. After I stopped my head started hurting for some reason and felt like I was in a dreamland. How did I get up to that point? Well I was constantly watching  a few hours of T.V. everyday. It’s in my belief now, that I do not want to touch the T.V. which is wasting precious hours doing nothing. I will rather try other things like reading books.

In the past when I read books constantly, I always felt smarter for some reason. When I read books 2-3 hours a day instead of T.V. everyday I would feel more engaged with life. The T.V. isolates you between your family members and friends. You are making a connection with a machine, rather than a human. Similar thing with the computer. Humans need face-to-face contact to grow and feel better about themselves. With a book you feel smarter and you get smarter by comprehending material. It has probably been the Tipping Point for me with the T.V. right now.

I will enjoy summer reading.