Inspired by Love and Trash blog I decided to whittle down my facebook friends. Some of these people have been on my Facebook for 5 years. I just cut 200+ people out of my life. I feel lighter, as most of these people have not contacted me in years. I feel like I just threw away a heap of trash and more organized. Unfortunately, these people are not my enemies, I just lost contact with them. If I see them again, or if they want to contact me, then I will let them be my friend on facebook.

Facebook is a comparison tool, comparing yourself to other people, especially if they are not really friends with you. I feel as though facebook friendships should be similar to real life friendships, you should only be sharing your most intimate stuff with your friends. All those facebook friends bog you down, just like clutter. I feel we need to cut the clutter in everything we all do. That was a challenge to go from 455 friends to 174 friends on facebook. Whether or not you want to cut the friends is up to you, I just told you that it has helped me tremendously.