Recently I have been reading blogs such as RowdyKittens and Zenhabits. These blogs, along with a few others, have given me more inspiration in my daily living habits than the last 23 years. I used to believe life revolved around one thing: money, the game is to get more of it, and then consume it. I have come to the conclusion that life is much more than spending or consuming things.

Most people believe that they will get rich someday, I guess that is what makes them continue with whatever they are doing. It is especially why kids go to college these days and major in accounting. I feel that college can only go so far. To learn anything, you have to do it yourself.

My life is no longer about earning the biggest paycheck. Why? Because that revolves around a significant portion of luck. However, I have started real change in my life. I eliminated television, downsized Facebook, even checked out books at the library. I am even considering plunging into more blogging, because it is so therapeutic. And you know what, since I have done those things, I feel much better about myself. I let things go. You know you need to do some of that as well.

The money game is often focused on the status of material things and people. What happens when you give up judging, comparisons, and status? You change your life, as your paradigm has shifted for the better. You recover from toxic things in your life and contribute to bettering yourself.