Life without the noise of news on any news channel feels much healthier. This is even after a few days after eliminating television from my life. I feel more connected to the people I know rather than the people on television. I have also gone towards a complete diet from all corporate media (TV, radio, some internet blogs, and mobile internet).

I can say I am seeing less and less advertisements (which is good). I am no longer desiring what I see on T.V. or anything else. Although shows are fun to watch for some people, I have no desire to be involved with it any longer. I am going against the status quo (that Americans watch too much T.V.).  Life is great without the noise of the daily killings or new fears in the world. I was a news junkie in the past. I have turned the corner on that in my life. Life is simpler, less complicated which is what I wish to accomplish everyday. I am focusing most of my time on reading, and enjoying my life.

I know it is a difficult time in the economy, however, I am not concerned with with it anymore. Graduating into this was a mess, but at least I am making changes in my life for the better. I realize I am going through a major lifestyle change.

Cutting out the TV + news seems like the best thing I have ever done, I wish I had did it sooner.