Change has Come Lightning Fast

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The economy has downsized ¬†from what it was in the earlier 2000’s and 1990’s. We are living in a whole new world. Some people think they can get away with going back to school, as if that will solve everything in their life. The change in the economy has come too fast for most people. Corporations do not need as many people as before due to automation and outsourcing.

What is left to do?

The majority of us must go back to the old way of living. In fact, most of us already have done that in the last few years (foreclosures, deleveraging, and downsizing). The economy’s old job(accountants, engineers, lawyers) are not coming back, therefore you should shift your resources (your brain) to pursue other pursuits.

Living with 1 or 2 credit cards – and using them rarely. We must pursue other passions in life than shopping, watching TV, or going on Facebook. We need to start engaging with people on an everyday basis. Or create a hobby or learn how to do art. Creativity is a must in this economy.

We are going to a economy based on creativity. This has been already ingrained in our mind by certain individuals. Getting an accounting bachelor’s degree or even a masters is no sure shot to finding a satisfying job in your life.

Sell your creations on Write a book. Seek closer bonds to your community. These are things I want to do, and feel that the world would be a better place if done so.

Unfortunately we still live in a society where your job dictates your healthcare, so are living in fear of losing their jobs because of that. Another idea aside from that, people are beginning to save for unexpected emergencies (healthcare emergency, layoff etc.) Let’s face it, life right now is really tough for many Americans. 40+ million on food stamps. And we only have 300 million people. I do not think things will get much worse than this.

I plan to change my lifestyle, learn a new hobby, and interact with my local community.

America has changed from 3 years ago. Many people are not seeing this shift and think the old economy will come back (living in much different times now). The old economy cannot come back because we were living in a time of excess credit. Now that excess credit is gone and we are back to normal, which has caused a lot of pain. In fact, it may have been the governments fault for creating too much credit. In most cases, the government is always blamed (which it is now).

It is time for me to pursue more creative pursuits. I believe this is a turning point in America’s history.



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I just finished reading Tribes by Seth Godin.

Leadership has nothing to do with how-to manuals and needs to be learned by actions. Entrepreneurship is the same way. Actions earn results, and it doesn’t matter if its a failure or not. At least you attempted it.

It’s so easy following directions, that’s probably why most people do it. Not very many people start their own businesses or do other things. They live in fear of not having a paycheck. However there is more fear because they may get laid off in a recession.

Do one thing differently today that will make you a better person. Reach out to someone or read a book. Life is more than just a consumerism pyramid.

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Hello all,

I will be back to blogging a lot more. Anyway, I am waking up realizing a few things right now.

Most of us work at a job thinking – how the hell can I get out of here?

We spend plenty of money on extravagant things because we hate to go into work tomorrow. Spending money and spending the bulk of the paycheck is a de-stresser. What are Americans doing with themselves. They look like zombies in the morning going into work and are exhausted at the end of the day. Is spending your time at work for 30 years your favorite thing in life? We use our time at work to make a living. There are plenty of people who do not work(their whole life) and live richer than more than 1 billion people in other countries. If you are in America (and not homeless) you are richer than many other people on the Earth.

Money and spending money does not bring happiness. Getting the hottest iphone or ipad will make me happy, or exacerbate the crises? Eventually something has got to give. More Americans are exhausted than ever with the current financial crises that is finally subsiding. More people are living to work just because they are in debt. This is outrageous and the government wants us to spend more( with home-buyer credits and sale tax deductions to cars). What are they thinking? Don’t get sucked up by this government spending hype, be fiscal responsible, save more. Spending money – oh its only 20 bucks here – 2o bucks there. I hate my job so I will spend this, is only exacerbating the problem. You need to save more and eventually save until you can quit your job!

It is harder and harder to get by because there just so many people on this planet (trying to take the same job as you) 6.8 billion people already and estimates are calling for 7 billion people in 2011. The internet has flattened the world, and the trouble is, America is not ready for this. Schools are actually on the decline and they need to be even better. There is a looming school crisis on the horizon. The shift of power in the world has tipped to Asia. The people in America are just fighting over what is left.

Always remember – What you do today is a precursor to what you do in the future. Your habits start today, not tomorrow. So then why wait.

Innovation and Failure

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I have finished watching four episodes of Popular Science Future of … throughout the day today and it makes me wonder. The show has moved me because of its in-depth look at what scientists are doing today to innovate for the future. The organizations sought out are not large multinational corporations, but are smaller companies that need to get a lucky break from their products. The products featured are very high-tech. It also makes me realize that anything is possible and we should not quit while innovating. I also believe that anyone in the world (regardless of circumstances) has the possibility of creating something and putting their mind to work in their life. Even if they fail in their endeavors, they will learn the next time. They will learn how to do things and change things for the better.

With all the distractions of technology, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and video games it is harder and harder focus on one thing. If we look at history before the industrial revolution in America, we see that most of the businesses were small and there were many innovators along the way. How did these people see a vision when others kept the status quo? Perhaps it was the lack of technology that they saw. Perhaps it was trial and error at inventing. Many people today are put off because of the technical knowledge involved and the competition of the multinationals in innovation. This is a mistake to follow – one can study hard if they put their mind to it and learn new technical knowledge.

I wonder what is possible if one shut down all their devices for one week and just focused on creating ideas. Imagine what can be done!

Failure is a very good way to learn what can be done better for the next time they try. It is a wake up call on what they did wrong. Failure changes someones actions for the next time. Failure is practice. Failure is motivation.

This is not what we learn in schools today. We are actually taught the opposite; that failure is the worst thing in the world. I think this is causing a lot of problems in America and around the world. It is becoming more common for people to invent things through multinational corporations, which is a folly.

Ready for action?

Think of ways to improve your life or someone else. Then go forth and find out what technical knowledge is needed. Make goals to learn the technical knowledge. We do not have to go to school to learn everything. Then, make goals on your invention. Do not worry about failure. Failure is normal in these endeavors.

Anything is possible.